Integral Transformative Method

The three key components of the (r)evolutionary pedagogy of integral education.

Integral Theory as a reference map.
Practice for first person experiencing.
Meditation as an introspective tool.

As demonstrated by the most cutting-edge contemporary methodologies, the synergy between theoretical method, direct experience and introspective ability offers the best results in the educational field.


Theory introduces to the pillars of integral vision: the four primary dimension we are dwelling in. To recognize them brings to a significant breakthrough of self-awareness.


Practice is the necessary verification in order to bring to life the theoretical dimension. In fact what makes the difference is our conscious actions, the seeds of change that we sow in everyday life.


Meditation is the necessary pause to cultivate a state of mental stillness, integrate new experiences and contents, an essential prerequisite for going "beyond what is known".

Monica Laura Smith

The three components of Theory, Practice and Meditation on which the Integral Transformative Method, M.E.T.I., is based, may be seen as three declinations of the True, the Good and the Beautiful. These are modalities of knowledge that date back to antiquity finding their first expressions in the Baghavad Gita and in the teachings of Plato, to later be conceived by Aristotle as three of the main transcendent properties of being. Our understanding of these three irreducible dimensions is evolved for many centuries; we do not intend them as platonic ideas out of time, but as the natural product of the three fundamental perspectives we use to perceive reality.

“"The Integral Vision helps refine and enhance our perspective on the world, while opening us up to all the infinite perspectives surrounding us" Ken Wilber

Starting to assimilate the integral principles of METI into my life was a turning point for me, both personally and professionally. It made me less conflictual and fragmented, more effective and incisive in every aspect of life. This is the source of the drive pushing me to share with you this transformative experience through the path of Vita 4.0.