Mini Courses

These courses are projected to introduce, deepen and applying the Integral Transformative Method constituting the basis of all the courses of the Academy.

They are grouped in four basic sections corresponding to the four quadrants; each single course considers a specific theme according to the four principal perspectives.

Their goal is that of establishing a close connection between method and practice in exemplifying the use of the quadrants -- tetradynamics -- as well as a treating in detail a specific theme in the integral key.

These mini courses are suited for those who intend to approach the integral method of multiple perspectives or for those who desire to deepen a specific perspective after having followed the first module Vita 4.0.


To nourish the mind is important from many points of view: cognitive, emotional, spiritual and human. It concerns what can't be measured but only experienced: thoughts, emotions, memories, ideas, sentiments.

Here below you'll find mini-courses aimed to develop the inner dimension.


Body practices touch many aspects: food choice, activity and motion, disease prevention. We dispose of a multiplicity of devices to improve the quality of our life for each of these aspects.

Here you will find a number of short courses designed to reflect and deepen your knowledge of this particular quadrant.


This quadrant concerns the ability to understand other people's experiences and feelings and establishing relationships with the others and the world. It is the dimension in which the sense of belonging, the sense of "us" is built.

Here you'll find the mini-courses specifically projected to consolidate this perspective.


Environment means the spaces we live in, from our room and home-place, apartment building, workplace, and from the city to the whole world. In a wider sense it refers to nature, from the near-by park up to embrace the whole planet and to extend beyond our ecosystem.

Here you will find mini courses designed to expand, deepen and cultivate this crucial dimension..