Integral Life

"Is not just another approach to personal development but a method to give sense and making the better use possible of the treasure of intuitions, methods and practices we dispose to cultivate a more harmonic life".

Ken Wilber


is the necessary verification in order to bring to life the theoretical dimension . In fact what makes the difference are the conscious actions, the seeds of change that we sow in everyday life.

Practice is closely related to intelligence, which in turn is divided into mental, bodily, relational and environmental.

Howard Gardner is the first researcher who recognized and systematized the notion of the multiplicity of intelligences.

Integral Theory recognizes the importance and the beneficial issue resulting by the awareness of these intelligences and by bringing them to practices as a form of learning and evolution.

In Practice

For each quadrant there are a series of specific practices.

Practices aimed at care towards the mind nourish our inner dimension and our will to grow, transform and evolve.

Practices aimed at the health of the body touch on different aspects: nutrition and diet, physical movement and body health.

The practices of relationships conceive Life itself as relationship: there are no moments in which we are completely disconnected from ourselves, from our body, from others or from the environment. The practice will therefore be to recognize the four aspects of relationships...

Practices aimed at the environment are not limited to the individual actions we perform, but include our way of living and conceiving Life as a whole. This is why this topic requires an integrated and collective systemic response.