This quadrant engages a comprehensive vision and the capacity to assume it grasping the sense of the relations and the processes connecting everything, from society to the biosphere and to the cosmos.

The difficulty of tracing a broader picture of the whole is one of the reasons why the climate issue is not easy to focalize, due to the multiplicity of factors at play and their size and complexity.

With the integral map of Vita 4.0 we can have a more complete and clear perspective, and no longer feel these types of problems as beyond the reach of our possibility of action.

Integral Ecology

Few persons have a true environmental awareness and a sense of the self focused on the planet, despite the urgent necessity of it.

The capacity to acquire is that of recognizing the validity of different perspectives: from human being to animals and from vegetal world to the planet.

The course proposes ideas and practices about cultivating an integral environmental awareness and introducing ideas, behaviors and relationships on the path of this development.